Search Engine Friendly URLs

SEO Friendly URLs

SEO Friendly URLs

So, what’s the point of Search Engine Friendly URLs? A URL that’s made in a search engine friendly manner is one that can be indexed easier by search engines and doesn’t contain a long query list after the domain name.

While this is of significant benefit to search engines it also benefits the user if they wish to type a URL directly into the search bar. A long URL can combat the usability of a site as it is hard to repeat or remember. Take the following example of two different URL’s;

1. Httpp://

2. Httpp://

The second example is shorter and easier to read to the human eye but is also a more search engine friendly URL. The first example may actually confuse a search engine and could result in vital information being overlooked. By using a search engine friendly URL you prevent the possibility of a search engine being unable to identify a certain folder.


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