Using Title Tags for SEO

There are a number of SEO methods that an organisation can use to boost its organic ranking on Google. Today we’re looking at title tags and how they can affect your website.

Title Tags for SEO

Title Tags for SEO

Many businesses place little emphasis on title tags when building their website yet they are highly important for SEO. The title tag is the first chance a website is given to draw interest and make an impression so the selection and wording needs to contain relative keywords and a product offering/potential benefit.

An SEO friendly title tag is of the utmost importance as the page title is what a search engine uses to determine what the page is about. By ignoring the title tag or by spending little time writing a title a website can prevent itself from being properly identified by search engines.

The page title needs to contain relevant keywords and also inform users about the page and its contents. An effectively written title is essential for generating traffic through search engines as it is can be the deciding factor in whether an individual clicks through to your site.

The saying “never judge a book by its cover” is non-applicable here as the first bit of your website an individual sees when searching is your title. When they read the title they will decide in a second whether or not your page is worth viewing.


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