Domain Name Selection for SEO

Domain Name SEO

Domain Name SEO

The process of domain name selection is a critical part of website development depending on the amount of brand awareness already in place. It is highly recommended that you use relevant keywords in the domain name as search engines such as Google give preference to websites with keywords within their domain name.

Some businesses make an absolute mess of domain name selection and call their site something that can appear humorous but that can be damaging to the business. Here are some examples of atrociously named websites;


When choosing a domain name the same level of thought and detail is required as when choosing a brand name. A domain name holds the same weight as any brand name and needs commerciality in order to be successful. The name needs to be short and memorable so users can revisit the site if they haven’t bookmarked it on their computer.

When choosing a domain name it is advisable that it has only one possible spelling i.e. a domain name such as could also be spelt Make things easy for your visitors! When choosing keywords for your domain name research the level of competition and the number of searches receives per month in order to maximize its potential.


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