Old Spice – Viral Perfection

Old Spice Viral

Old Spice Viral

Old spice had been taking up shelve space since 1934 and had earned the image of a stagnant “old man” brand. After years of declining  sales world wide and its presence in a highly competitive industry diminishing the brand decided to relaunch itself spectacurally.

The aim? Re-position the brand by developing an image of masculinity.

The result? On the 14th of July 2010 Old Spice launched the most widely known viral campaign to date. In the space of 24 hours it had amassed a staggering 6.7 million views. After just 36 hours it reached 23 million views.

So….. Did the campaign work?

  • From a sales point of view old spice body wash rose by 55% in a matter of days. Over the following months it continued to rise and soared by 107%.
  • From a media point of view old spice was covered by blogs, TV, radio and every possible outlet you can imagine.
  • The level of brand awareness that was created in such a short space of time was priceless. Old spice established a brand new consumer base.
  • YouTube subscribers, Twitter follows and Facebook likes exploded to an immeasurable level .
The success of the first viral spurred on over 100 more videos some in response to user comments and some in the form of ads. It’s almost two years since the campaign first launched but did the success and hype continue? Old Spice contine to market their product but on a more low key basis. While their marketing isn’t as in your face as before the level of interaction they receive on social media would definitely indicate the campaign was as outrageously successful in the long term as it was in the short term.
Old Spice Facebook

Old Spice Facebook


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