How to use Memes to Build Backlinks

How to use Memes to Build Backlinks

How to use Memes to Build Backlinks

If you use Facebook on a regular basis you’ll have noticed a sudden surge of Memes in recent months but what is a Meme? A Meme is a concept that spreads across the internet such as a story, video, quote or for the purpose of this article image.

The term Meme has become associated with funny images on the internet and was first made popular by LOLCats. But how why would you use Memes to create back links for SEO? Well check out the following;

Memes go Viral. Fast!

The vast majority of people use the net for amusement and entertainment which is why sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are so popular. Memes are an ideal form of entertainment when done correctly and can be created in a couple of minutes once there’s an idea there.

Memes are, 9 times out of 10, funny and what do people do with funny images? They share them with friends, colleagues and family. While you can’t effectively get a backlink from a Meme on Facebook there are a number of sites where you can.

Use Tumblr, Reddit and Instagram to build strong back links to your site. Make sure you think about the Meme joke and see which Memes are trending currently. Although you can get back links through Memes with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest you should use all forms of social media to share them and get brand exposure. Use blogs and YouTube to display your Memes and generate potentially high traffic to your site.

Memes are easy to make and have a massive amount of viral potential. Use them to your advantage and test placing them on different social media platforms to see which receives the best reaction for the topic you’re “Memeing”.


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