JayZ/Bing Creative Campaign

JayZ/Bing Creative Campaign

JayZ/Bing Creative Campaign

When it comes to search engines Google is king. There is no room for another dominant search engine and there’s so much brand loyalty in place people will never defer. Google has 1 billion UNIQUE users each month with the majority of these people using the service several times a day. If people are still using the site even after recent controversy over privacy issues they’ll never defer.

I don’t like Bing. I don’t know many people that do but you have to give them props on their attempt at capturing some of Google’s user base. In 2010 Bing teamed up with HipHop legend JayZ and propelled an innovative campaign to help him launch his new book.

The aim of the campaign was simple;

  • Publicity for JayZ’s book entitled “Decode”
  • Introduce Bing to a younger audience

The way the campaign worked was pages from the book were physically placed around the world with the highest % in New York. 5-10 pages of the book were revealed each day and participating users who visited www.bing.com/jayz would be able to find the pages online or physically.

Bing integrated its site features into the campaign and enabled fans to find pages through using Bing maps. Pages were wrapped around cars, on bus stops, at the bottom of swimming pools and on billboards. The main aim was influence people to interact with Bings services so its entertainment section was heavily featured with videos and songs from JayZ available for free.

Once a user finds a page they receive credit for it on Bing and if they find it physically they can text a unique game code found on the page. Everyone who participates was entered into a draw and the winner received a signed copy of the page that was found or two tickets to see JayZ play a sold out show in Las Vegas.

But did the investment pay off? Here are some stats from the campaign;

  • The average time spent on the campaign site was a colossal eleven minutes
  • JayZ’s Facebook fans increased by a massive 1 million
  • Decode landed itself on the best sellers list for 19 weeks
  • The campaign won numerous media and online awards
  • Most significantly: Bing increase their search queries by a staggering 11% in one month

Its been just over a year and a half since the campaign ended and while Bing is still century’s behind Google in terms of users and features it just goes to prove that creative advertising can carve a market and take a chunk out of a competitors business regardless of their dominance.


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