Social Influence – Whats the benefit?

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The Social Media boom has spawned an interested metric. Social Influence has become a bragging point for some, a vital CV point for others and has sprouted a new competition base for tech companies.

Influence engines such as Klout, PeerIndex and Kred measure your impact across a selection of Social Media networks, most notably Twitter and Facebook. They measure stats such as:

  • Follower/Following Ratio
  • Post Share count
  • Re-Tweets
  • Amplification of message
  • True reach of audience

Is this important? It can be. To be highly influential in Social Media can lead to headhunting for jobs, perks offered by brands and in some cases, dinner waiting at the airport.

Influence is not all about having a large number of followers as black hat tactics such as #teamfollowback show us. Influence is about quality. Are you sharing quality content? Are you Tweets being re-tweeted? Are you Facebook posted being shared? Are you G+ receiving +1’s? Share content that people want to read, this blog for instance, and content that will be shared and shared and shared. The more impression on timelines you receive, the higher your influence will grow.

These tools are also being targeted for SEO and other digital marketing methods. How can a company target niche markets and how can they reach them? Pin pointing influencers in the area and utilizing their influence can help disseminate a brands message to exactly the people they are looking to speak to.

How do you fare?

While Klout, Kred and PeerIndex are the most accessible, consumer friendly tools, there is a chunk of tools out there that promise to be the most accurate. They all measure the same thing, differently. This does make it difficult in justifying how ‘influential’ you are. It is good practice to connect with the tools and compare yourself to your peers. Friendly competitiveness is always fun.

There has to be drawback though, right?

Influence engines are there to be used if wanted, They aren’t the be all of a career in Social Media or Digital Marketing, rather I believe they are a good indicator into the quality of your online presence. They allow you to stick your head above the sand, they allow you to be noticed in certain circles, if you choose to be. The biggest drawback with social influence is that no matter how hard you try, Justin Bieber will always be better.


So give it ago, connect and let us know how you score.


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