Tulisa Sex Tape – Taking Viral to a new Extreme?

Extreme Viral Marketing

Extreme Viral Marketing

Online marketing comes in many different shapes and forms and the extremes vary from high to low. But how extreme can online marketing go? Over the past few days social media and entertainment sites have been riddled with the Tulisa Contostavlos (AKA Tulisa from NDubz AKA Tulisa from XFactor) sex tape scandal.

It’s gone viral but a number of interesting facts have come to light since its upload. The most notable being that just 4 days after Tulisa’s sex tape hit the net she released a new music video which contains footage of her acting “suggestively” – we’ll leave it at that…

A strange strange coincidence or some extreme digital marketing? “Tulisa” and “Tulisa sex tape” were trending on Twitter collectively for over 8 hours, the story has been covered by every news/entertainment blog and website the world over and her new video is being linked and shared left right and centre.

A coincidence or something more? You decide…….


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