Draw Something app – Nets $180m after 6 Weeks

Draw Something Becks and Drake

Draw Something Becks and Drake

The beers are on OMGPOP. The small NYC based game development company are the creators of Draw Something. A pretty simple concept that has netted a whopping $180,000,000 after being launched just 6 weeks ago. In just six weeks Draw Something has been downloaded over 30 million times and sits at the top of the App store in more than 8 different countries.

First off what is Draw Something? Well remember Pictionary? It’s a little like that but lets you draw pictures on your phone or tablet and send them to a friend who has to guess what you’re drawing. The key to the apps success is creativity, simplicity and the fact that it’s ridiculously addictive.

“OMGPOP has an incredible team of creators, which truly understands how to build for the mobile and social experience. Their games are uniquely social, uniquely expressive and culturally relevant, with a playful tone,” said Zynga executive David Ko on the acquisition.


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