You Can Now Add Your Enemies On Facebook

 Enemy Graph Facebook

Enemy Graph Facebook

We all have “friends” added on Facebook that we don’t really know or don’t talk to regularly enough to really regard them as a friend. You know that person that you love to hate? Yep, that’s them the one who constantly puts up those irritating statuses just to get responses of “you OK hun?” or statuses that are blatantly aimed at and ex boyfriend/girlfriend.

Well guess what? Thanks to EnemyGraph you can now add them to a list of enemies. You can also declare ‘war’ on anything that has a presence on Facebook. As soon as you add a person/product to the list they appear on your profile on the Enemy List.

We’re all for new additions to Facebook but this can only cause trouble. Other users of the app can see who’s on your Enemy List an as we all know, word gets around. So if you do decide to use the app be careful who you add!


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