Google Computer Scientists Launch Wind Map

Wind Map

Wind Map

When Google Maps first came out it was pretty crazy then when Google street view launched it took things to a whole new level. So maps have been pretty much covered now right? Wrong.

Ever found yourself wondering what the wind would look like if you could see it from thousands of miles above? No, well for those of you who did a new project launched by a pair of Google computer scientists will “blow” you away.

Wind Map displays wind information across America shown as white and grey strands. Like Google street view when it first launched you find yourself mesmerised watching gales blast across America and hurl through Texas.

This may be something to influence the push for more emphasis on wind energy as a power source but whether people take it on board only time will tell. Wind Maps could possibly be integrated into Google Maps in the future as an additional feature to the current system.

Will it last, catch on or flop? Who knows?! Give us your thoughts on Wind Map. Would you use it?


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