Pinterest for Business/SEO

pinterest for business

pinterest for business

Pinterest is everywhere lately. While it has a significant user base of 3.3 million users the main attraction for business is the average time spent of the site which is a whopping 72 minutes.

But what is Pinterest?

The best way to describe Pinterest is it’s like a digital bulletin board and it’s goal is to enable its users to share images they find interesting online. When an individual finds an image they like on a website they “pin” it to their Pinterest bulletin board.

Like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ it allows users to follow other users and receive updates with content users pin to their board. When a user clicks on someone else’s pinned photo they are taken back to the site where the image was origionally pinned.

Here’s some tips for using Pinterest;

Here are some tips on using Pinterest for SEO:

  • Create a business profile
  • Share your content
  • organize your boards and label images with keywords
  • Link your images to working URL’s
  • Interact with other users

From an SEO point of view this is a great form of back linking and has the ability to increase traffic and site authority over time. As well as back linking it also pushes brand awareness and could be an effective way of creatively launching a new product.


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