Google Drive and the race for your Data

If your head is in the clouds regarding data storage, read on.

With the likes of Dropbox, MS SkyDrive and Amazon CloudStorage being well established options in cloud storage, It’s peculiar that Google are yet to dip their toes in. It appears that’s about to change though.

While Google have offered online services such as Google Docs and Calendar, these were online only options. Now, the long time rumoured Google Drive looks set to be unveiled as the screen shot below suggests.

Google Drive, Cloud Storage




Google Drive indicates that the race for YOUR data is really beginning to heat up.

Why do all these companies want my data?

All of these companies offers certain amounts of free storage

  • DropBox (2Gb)
  • Box (5Gb)
  • Amazon CloudStorage (5Gb)
  • Microsoft SkyDrive (25Gb)
While these all offer varying services, the question is why do they want your data so much? One of the factors of this scramble for data, is to tie the user to peripheral products. Use Amazon and the easiest access is through their devices (Fire etc.) The full consumer cycle is changing around who has your data and how they will allow you to access it.
What will Google Drive offer me?
Well We all have to wait and see, they will surely offer at least 5Gb free to remain competitive, but what secondary services can they offer to compete with Cloud Player?
A deeper integration with Google Apps, included options such as ‘Saved Games’ might follow. It will be interesting to see.

What to do?

The free options are always nice but I would recommended seriously looking into what each services offer you and how they will allow you to access your information.
Also, weight up the difference between cloud storage and traditional hard disk storage. You’d be surprised.


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