What are Back Links and Why do I Need Them?

This morning we got the below email and decided that it may be beneficial to reply to it as a blog post as it may be beneficial to our other readers. Check out the email and our response;

What are Back Links

What are Back Links


First off thanks for the email and for interacting with our blog. Back links are essential for many different reasons. From a SEO point of view a website with a lot of back links coming into its site is seen as one with authority by search engines.

Having authority is an excellent way of increasing your organic ranking and also your page rank. Another benefit of back links is site exposure and traffic. The more people linking to your site the more your website is “out there” and in the eyes of your target market.

Think of a painter leaving leaflets in hundreds of doors across north London. He’s getting his name out there and more people are likely to give him a call. It’s the same principle.

But what are back links?

A backlink is a link that sends individuals from a website back to your site and can be internal or external. Internal backlinks can come from other websites owned by you e.g. a blog. External backlinks are links that come to your site from another non connected site.

Why do I need back links?

The reason for building strong backlinks is to appear more trustworthy and authoritative to search engines in order for them to rank the website higher. It is important to note that not all backlinks are constructive if they are not coming from relevant sites and sites with a high authority. Receiving a backlink from a site with high authority is crucial as it passes on some authority with the link.

How can I get back links?

Become part of an online community relevant to the industry you’re in and offer informative advice. The aim of becoming part of the community is to leave constructive comments on blogs and become part of the discussion. By offering advice or just by commenting on a post people will begin to see the website name and become more familiar with it.

After posting relevant comments people will begin to click through to the website itself and generate traffic but also the link from popular blogs will pass on some authority.

Another way of building authority can be through having your website listed in relevant directories. These sites receive a massive amount of traffic and are deemed trustworthy in the eyes of search engines. This can be a great way of getting a back link from a site with high authority.

A blog is another effective way to gain both traffic and backlinks to your site and can drive site authority depending on how active your blog is. Creating a blog that is active and updated regularly with great content that people link to and comment on is an efficient way of building your own backlinks.

Another great way of getting back links is through social media. Getting your customers to share your content can be a great form of redirecting people to your site. It goes without saying that if you’re not using social media to promote your business your limiting the amount of traffic you receive big time.


I know that was quite long winded but hopefully it answered all your questions. Any more queries just let us know,


Best Regards,


The Unorthodoxx Digital Team


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