Reader Enquiry – How Long Does SEO Take?

Things have really progressed over the past week in terms of traffic to the blog and engagement. We’ve received our fifth email looking for advice and plan to get to them all in good time. The below is something we felt we needed to address ASAP as it’s a common problem had by many businesses who have outsourced their digital marketing.

How Does SEO Work

How Does SEO Work

First off thanks for the email and for interacting with the blog and Facebook page. Your problem is something we hear of all too often. We’ll break the email down just to add some clarity.

I’ve outsourced my company’s digital marketing and SEO to a company based in Dublin who are doing it for 199 a month.

Here’s your first problem, 199 a month. Search engine optimisation is usually charged at a minimum of 500 euro per month and that’s just for the basics. I’d love to know what’s actually being done each month for that 199. I can’t imagine it being much. I’d recommend you check with the company you’ve outsourced to and get details on exactly what their doing for you.

I’m sure you’d rather invest 500-700 per month than throw 199 out the window. So many businesses don’t understand what SEO is, they know they need it but have no idea about what’s involved. Unfortunately this means that people are taken advantage of and it gives real digital marketing companies a bad name.

For the vast majority of onlie marketing companies the first step of optimising a site is through in-depth keyword research. This can take some time depending on the industry. Ask the company you’ve outsourced to for a schedule of what their doing. If their on the ball they’ll already have one done out for their own benefit.

How long will it take before I start to notice changes on Google?

Increasing your organic ranking on a search engine isn’t a short term goal and anyone who tells you it is telling porkies. It’s a long term goal for even the biggest of companies and needs constant work in order to achieve. There’s so many factors involved in SEO and we’ll cover them in a checklist over the week to help you ensure you’re getting value for your money.

If it turns out your being ripped off spend some time researching digital marketing companies in Dublin as there’s plenty there who provide a great and effective service.


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