Ridiculously Photogenic Guy – The Power of the Meme

Ever heard of Zeddie Little? Well apparently he’s ridiculously photogenic.

His story drives home the power of social media and virality of content. So here’s the background.

Zeddie took part in a charity fun run in Charleston last week. Someone snapped a picture of him mid-race, he had a simple smile, perfect hair and certainly not how I would look running a mini marathon. Below you’ll see the original photograph as taken on the day.

Unorthodoxx Digital, Meme, Photogenic Guy






What happened next is testament to the networked community of the Internet. The photo was posted to flickr, someone commented (the now viral phrase) ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, owner liked the comment so posted to reddit and BOOM, Zeddie Little’s 5 minutes begin.

His photograph has been viewed more than a million times in a week, amazing for a simple photo of a guy running a race. Inevitably, Meme’s have popped up all over the net, all complimentary to an ordinary guy having a candid photo taken. Below are some of our favourites…Unorthodoxx Digital

Unorthodoxx Digital


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