Website Review/Case Study –

So it’s Easter, we’re off, chillin, watching videos on YouTube and one of those annoying ass video adverts comes on before the video I clicked. You know the ones “you can skip in 0.03 seconds”.

Yep we all hate them and we all skip them once the mandatory watching time is up. But today something happened. I watched a full ad and clicked onto their website……

The ad was from a company called who specialise in luxurious mens underwear. The domain name made me fairly reluctant to click to be perfectly honest. No need to ask why is there?

First of all check out the video which has amassed an impressive 70,234 views

Nice right? It’s different, catches your attention and keeps you watching. 10/10 for creativity but the most important aspect of the video is it’s resulting in conversions i.e. people are clicking through to the site.

Ok, so I enjoyed the video but had low expectations for the website. It’s a site selling boxers it cant be anything special… How wrong I was. is on to a winner from a consumers point of view and here’s how;

  • It’s aesthetically pleasing
  • It’s clean, crisp and to the point
  • It looks professional but more importantly trustworthy for online payment

OK, so its great from a consumers perspective but what about from a digital marketing perspective? Well…..

  • It’s usability is fantastic! You can get where you want within 2-3 clicks
  • The use of YouTube to gain exposure worked excellently
  • Social media hasn’t been used as of yet – well we can find a Facebook or Twitter account
  • The keywords used are highly competitive – social media could be a great way of overcoming this
  • The main selling point of the underwear is the fabric yet it hasn’t been mentioned in the title tag
  • Ranks well organically on Google for both “mens boxers” and “mens underwear”
  • Using Google AdWords nicely with targeted keywords
Google Adwords -

Google Adwords - has massive potential and I can really see them penetrating a highly competitive industry successfully if they invest time into social media. Overall thoughts – Great site, nice use of YouTube marketing with a potentially viral video and a product with a unique selling point. Check it out!


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