Facebook Buy Instragram – What does this mean?

So Mark Zuckerberg is opening up his chequebook to the tune of $1Bn to acquire Instagram.  This is a pretty big investment for anyone, even if your company is valued at $94Bn.

Facebook is simply the world’s largest photography collection on the planet. It trumps Flickr by a million miles. So why does it want Instagram? There’s probably a few reasons behind it. Firstly, They don’t want anyone else to have it so they have snapped it up. Secondly, Instagram has many users who engage very little on Facebook, Buying the company and integrating Facebook deeper into the app will hopefully drive more content onto Facebook servers. Remember, Content is God in 2012.

Below is an idea of the vast number Photos that are on Facebook

Facebook buys Instagram,

Twitter of course reacted quickly to the news after it was announced. There has been much talk of abandonment of the service, which puzzles me, as Zuck has said their Instagram experience can continue with connecting to Facebook. This has not put off some skeptics, one which has likened Facebook to a property developer scooping up land for ‘McMansions.

Facebook Aquires InstagramFacebook ruins Instagram

Let us know your thoughts on Facebook’s latest acquisition. Will you be closing your Instagram account?


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One response to “Facebook Buy Instragram – What does this mean?

  1. not a geek

    Very good reading your stuff. My husband told me about facebook big purchase today when I got home. So I knew what’s up. Posting this on my wall, my friend’s post something too. Then I was about to talk to my friend about this exact samething but I got a warning from facebook not to post it!
    I have been on their site for like 7 years, first time I ever get that msg from them.. strange but I guess they are watching and we are reading their mind.

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