How a Tweet Saved a Life and How a Text Nearly got a Guy Eaten by a Bear

Super Twitter

Super Twitter

A South African couple experienced hands on the true reach of social media early this week. The experience kicked off dramatically when Lynn Peters boyfriend had his car hijacked and was bundled into the boot.

Thankfully the hijackers forgot to take the man’s phone who desperately text his girlfriend to aware her of the situation. She then tweeted;

“Be on the look for DSS041GP, my boyfriend has just been hijacked and is in the boot please RT”.

The tweet went viral after it was retweeted to PigSpotter’s account who claim to be the “cyber police”. A number of private security companies then began tracking the whereabouts of the car using the boyfriends phone signal which was in the car.

Police were then able to set up a road block and stop the car from making a get away. Thankfully the man got away unscathed.

To lighten the mood a video taken on the 3rd of April of a man nearly walking into a bear has gone viral. Check it out


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