12 Things Facebook Could Have Bought With $1b

Facebook Buys Instagram

Facebook Buys Instagram

Early last week Mark Zuckerberg announced to the world that Facebook had agreed to buy Instagram for the absolutely insane price of $1billion.

One billion dollars is a lot of money in anyone’s books and for the unaware it looks like this; 1,000,000,000. That’s a lot of 0s.

But what else could Marko and the lads at Facebook have bought for the plump sum of $1billion? Well, unsurprising, quite a lot. Here’s 15 things they could have bought;

  1. The New York Times which is valued at $967m
  2. Liverpool FC which was bought for £300m in 2010
  3. 200 $5m mansions in Beverly Hills
  4. A Caribbean island
  5. 285,714,285 big Mac’s
  6. 3891 Ferrari Spider’s
  7. A $10,000 per night hotel room for over 200 years
  8. The LA Lakers valued at $586m
  9. Over 200 million Ipads
  10. Over 4 years of NetFlix subscription for 2.6 million students
  11. 10 $100m luxury Frence yachts 
  12. Yahoo US



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