What are the Benefits of a Google AdWords Campaign?

What are the Benefits of a Google AdWords Campaign

What are the Benefits of a Google AdWords Campaign

Running a pay per click campaign with Google AdWords can be great for man… What’s that you say? What’s pay per click and Google AdWords you say?

Well, pay per click (PPC) is a type of campaign that can be run and it does exactly as the name suggests: you pay the publisher of the ad when the it’s clicked and only then.

Google AdWords is a service Google provides to market your product/service. It’s done through a text ad which appears when people search for keywords relating to your product/service. You choose the text and the keywords that are to be included in the ad.

But why would I use Google AdWords? What’s the point? What are the benefits?

Bhe following are the potential advantages of developing and implementing a Google AdWords campaign;

  • Speed and Flexibility
  • Exposure
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Split Testing
  • Set Budget
  • Google Analytics
  • Speed and Flexibility

Speed and Flexibility

A Google AdWords account can be set up in less than seven minutes and once an ad has been designed a daily/weekly/monthly budget can be set to ensure overspend doesn’t occur.


With Google AdWords you can achieve first page advertising in minutes. While this is not an organic ranking and will appear on the right hand side of the page as opposed to straight down the middle it can attract a lot of attention to a site.

This can generate a substantial amount of traffic to a website and avoids the months or even years it can take to achieve a high organic listing.

Targeted Marketing

This is an excellent method for creating awareness and driving a product/service into the eyes of its target market. Reaching potential customers when they are directly searching for what you’re offering offers an abundance of benefits to a business.

It can lead to higher sales, increased brand awareness and hit individuals when in “buy” mode.

Split Testing

With split testing a number of ads can be launched for the same product with different keywords and in different areas. It will become evident which is the most successful and the others can be removed and the budget focused on the successful ad.

This enables better marketing practice to take place and optimizes the marketing budget.

Google Analytics

This gives a business the ability to identify where traffic is coming from and allows better ad placement to take place. When used correctly Google Analytics can be the deciding factor in a successful campaign.

If the desired level of traffic is not being reached then keywords may need to be adjusted in order for the ad to receive a higher click through rate (CTR).


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