Infographic of the Day – Pin It To Win It

Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm in the last few weeks. Todays Infographic is ‘A Marketer’s Guide’

Check it out!

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4 responses to “Infographic of the Day – Pin It To Win It

  1. Interesting infographic, although I think majority of the pinners just pin the photos they see, for better use of it from a marketing perspective, there should be a way where they know they ought to click to take you to the marketers website.

    • Thats true, Without doubt someone will work that into it. It also has the potential to create stong backlinks from an SEO point of view.

      Will Facebook or Twitter buy them up?

      • Right now it seems like an exciting way to pin wishlist images, something that replaces tumblr but adds a Facebookey / Twitterish component to it. It is a $7.7 billion worth company so who knows, either of the giants may take it over or it may fizzle out, who knows. It’s early to predict I say.

  2. Its still a very young platform but the usage figures speak for themselves. With the high percentage of females usingit I think there is plenty of potential for fashion marketing. ‘Pin this Dress to your boards, receive ….’ Hope thats not too stereotypical a view 🙂

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