YouTube 3D – Its Here!

YouTube formally rolled out their 3D service last week and hundreds of thousands of videos have sprung up on the site.

I for one have always been skeptical of 3D, never fully enjoyed content in the format. I find it to be a gimmick and takes away from the movies experience.

Why have Google gone to great lengths to add this to the service? My initial thought is, Why not?

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Google offering this content will initially attract viewers in to see what the fuss is (I know your opening a new tab as you read). More viewers means more ad revenue.

Also the movie industry has pumped millions of dollars into 3D, so Google would hope their platform could potentially utilized for future content delivery.

YouTube is a prime location for movie trailers, teasers and extra content. Giving studios the option to offer this in 3D could be a huge selling point for YouTube 3D.

Television manufacturers will also be putting some eggs into the YouTube 3d baskets. Many smart tv’s are incorporating social media into their interface. There are apps for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

With many new smart tv’s being 3D capable, allowing the user to access more content that just paid for movies is a big draw.

We will have to give it time to see if it takes off but a lot of money is riding on its success. Check out the video below to see 3D in action.


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