The Facebook “Listen” Button

Facebook Listen Button

Facebook Listen Button

On Tuesday Facebook added a nifty new feature to the pages of artisits, bands and musicians. Its called the “Listen” button and appears beside the “Like” button.

What Does The Facebook “Listen” Button Do?

Well, it lets you listen to music. Sound familiar? Remember MySpace? The one thing MySpace still had going for it was its music niche with many bands and artists still using it to showcase their music.

I think we can be fairly certain their user base will see a steady decrease over the coming weeks.

To use the “Listen” button you need to have a music streaming app such as Spotify installed but this can be downloaded in a couple of minutes.


We moseyed on over to Eminem’s page to give it a shot. We love it. There’s still a lot of room for improvement but surely this will increase the average time spent browsing  the social network giant.

Let us know what you think of the new Facebook listen button in the comments section below. Does it tickle your fancy?






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2 responses to “The Facebook “Listen” Button

  1. This ‘sounds’ great! Sorry for the bad pun, thanks i was completely unaware, now i can go and have a listen to some fav local bands.

    Thanks for sharing


    • Puns are always appreciated here at Unorthodoxx. We love them and frankly, we encourage them 🙂

      I think it shows Facebooks move to tie the user even further into their walled garden. Clever gang.


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