Draw Something – Save Something – Say Something – Share Something

So we all love Draw Something, right? That awesome picture drawing game from OMGPOP (sold to Zynga for $180m last month)

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen screen grabs of D.S on my Facebook feed. Well there will be no need for screen grabs anymore.

MORE: 35 Of The Craziest Draw Something Pictures

Draw Something are releasing an update that will include some much yearned for features including

  • Save your drawing to your image roll
  • Instant share to your Facebook Timeline / Twitter Feed
  • User comments on your drawing

This will make the whole experience a lot more social and will open up the your game to the world. I for one can’t wait as I’ve seen some pretty¬†inexcusable efforts.

What type of Artist are you? Check out our chart below and let us know….

Unorthodoxx Digital, Draw Something


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