How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

The chances are you have a Google+ account. You probably don’t use it, but you have one. Like the rest of us when it launched on an invitation only basis you rushed to sign up and discover what wonders lurked inside what promises to be the “big dog” of social media.

Then you realised that your life was already packed to the brim with status updates, likes and tweeting abusive messages to celebrities.

When the brand pages launched thousands of businesses registered but, like the rest of us, didn’t foresee the enormous effect it would have on search rankings.

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO?

Just like “likes” and “re-tweets” Google+ has it’s own method of allowing you to show your fondness for something. Google Plus users can +1 things around the web that they like and this in effect acts as a recommendation.

Users can +1 websites, businesses, ads and Google search results and share them with their circles and contacts. When you’re viewing a website you can also see how many times it’s been +1’d by users you’re not connected to.

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

When a Google+ user is signed in and they search for bars in their local area the results will be tailored to show bars that their contacts have +1’d/recommended. That means that a new bar with a year old website could appear high organically because of the number of +1s it’s received.

Google+ has already started to have a colossal effect on rankings and if we’re realistic it’s going to completely revolutionize the way in which websites rank. More emphasis will be put on websites with quality, relevant and optimised content as opposed to websites that rank highly due to their age.

This will force more businesses to use Google+ and encourage their customers to +1 their business in order to increase their ranking. A +1 for a 10% discount could be a cheap way of significantly upping your ranking.


Get on Google+! We’re in the process of getting our page up and running so we’ll be banging out posts in the very near future.



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