Stay Trendy with Color Forecast

So you think your fashionable do you? Your up to date on your trends right? Think Again!

We came across Color Forecast this week, an interesting idea if I may say.

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How Does It Work?

Color Forecast will tell you, to the second, what colour is fashionable.

This has been done by sticking some pretty high tech cameras in some of Europes fashion hotspots. Milan, Paris and eh… Antwerp? These cameras scour the streets, picking up moving objects and analyzing their colour information. There is plenty of technical stuff running in the background, but the site has a simple and pretty interface that displays real time video from the cities.

There is plenty of room for growth for this platform. Fashion labels will no doubt be clamoring for some tie-in functions. And of course, If your trendy you will want to tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter so Social Media can tie nicely in here too.

So in the not so far future, your phone or tablet will be telling you what to wear in the morning. Freaky.

Check the video below for a low-down on Color Forecast.


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