You Could Now Be Penalized For An Over Optimised Website

Bad SEO Practices

Bad SEO Practices

We constantly preach about optimising your site but Google’s announced that owning an over optimised website could land you in hot water. According to SEOMoz the penalty only applies to individuals engaging in over-the-top SEO practices.

But what changes do I need to make to my website?

Well, there’s a number of steps to take to avoid the penalty and they are as follows;

Step 1 – Spammy Content

Get rid of text that’s solely there for search engines. Some website have pages with great, informative, optimised content, strong call to actions then a block of spammy text with a keyword/key phrase repeated over and over again. It may have worked in the past but it’ll prove costly if you leave it there.

As well as that when people are browsing through your site and they come across this crap it’s going to read badly and reduce the chances of a recurring visit. No one likes unnecessarily spam riddled content!

Step 2 – Authentic Legit Sounding Titles

Make your titles sound real! To avoid the penalty they can’t appear as if they have been written to rank for a certain keyword or phrase e.g. SEO services. This title is clearly like this to rank for the phrase “SEO services”. The title tag should be used to inform users of what the page is about.

The title “Unorthodoxx Digital SEO Services” is informative to the user but it also allows us to get the keyword “SEO Services” in without violating any Google terms.

Step 3 – Bad Back Links

Back links from sites with “bad SEO practices” can affect you regardless of whether or not you’re complying with Google or not. It can be highly difficult to get your link removed from sites violating the new Google terms.

Avoid reciprocal linking and ensure any site that you put a back link on isn’t taking part in “dodgy” SEO practices.

Step 4 – Link Filled Footers

You see this on a lot of sites and it’s never done with the intent of improving usability for people. You should use your footers to increase site usability and to improve navigation. As well as that if you do it right it’ll increase the amount of time people spend browsing your site.

Step 5 – Only Create Necessary Pages

Don’t have five pages about something that could be done on one page, e.g. used cars Dublin, pre-owned cars Dublin, second hand cars Dublin. This could all be done with one page and looks bad from a search engine point of view and also from your viewers point of view.

So that’s it folks. We’ll keep you updated when we hear more so check back often. Happy Sunday!



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