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The Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin Update

So, the Google Penguin Update has gone live but many are still unaware about what’s really happened. Well if you haven’t already read our post on the over optimisation penalty check it out now.

This new algorithmic update was introduced to target spammy websites i.e. those participating in black hat activities such as keyword stuffing. Speaking about the new update on their blog Google stated that the new update will;

“Decrease rankings for sites that we believe are violating Google’s quality guidelines. This algorithm represents another step in our efforts to reduce webspam and promote high quality content.”

Before the update went live Google’s Matt Cutts, the head of the web spam team, announced that the websites using  “aggressive web spam tactics” would be penalized. Google went on to say that the aim of this update is to;

“Help searchers find sites that provide a great user experience and fulfill their information needs.”

This is great news for everyone regularly and consistently putting out high quality, unique and optimised content. For more information check out Google’s blog post discussing the matter here.


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Google Drive is Here!

As we reported last month (Google Drive and the Race for your Data ) Google was developed their cloud storage service.

Well, It’s here…kinda! Google are in the process of dividing up their storage in the cloud space and dishing it out 5Gb’s at a time!

To grab your share, you obviously need a Google account. You then pop on over to this link —> Here and then eagerly await.

Google have under-cut the competition on increased storage with 25Gb available for only $2.50 p/m. Not bad really.

Check out their nifty video below that shows all the jazzy features, as jazzy as cloud storage can get!

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Happy Birthday YouTube

Have you seen this video before? This is the first video EVER uploaded to YouTube, on April 23rd 2005.

It is nearly strange to think of the world without such platforms as YouTube. It gives a voice to (almost) anyone. There is plenty of garbage but plenty of gold too.

It has changed peoples lives (Radio Voice Guy), made nerds stars (Star Wars Kid) and spawned some odd eating shows (Epic Meal Time). It has also given us all plenty of hours of pointless entertainment.

And of course, We all know Charlie

For this, we salute YouTube. Happy Birthday

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How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

The chances are you have a Google+ account. You probably don’t use it, but you have one. Like the rest of us when it launched on an invitation only basis you rushed to sign up and discover what wonders lurked inside what promises to be the “big dog” of social media.

Then you realised that your life was already packed to the brim with status updates, likes and tweeting abusive messages to celebrities.

When the brand pages launched thousands of businesses registered but, like the rest of us, didn’t foresee the enormous effect it would have on search rankings.

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO?

Just like “likes” and “re-tweets” Google+ has it’s own method of allowing you to show your fondness for something. Google Plus users can +1 things around the web that they like and this in effect acts as a recommendation.

Users can +1 websites, businesses, ads and Google search results and share them with their circles and contacts. When you’re viewing a website you can also see how many times it’s been +1’d by users you’re not connected to.

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

When a Google+ user is signed in and they search for bars in their local area the results will be tailored to show bars that their contacts have +1’d/recommended. That means that a new bar with a year old website could appear high organically because of the number of +1s it’s received.

Google+ has already started to have a colossal effect on rankings and if we’re realistic it’s going to completely revolutionize the way in which websites rank. More emphasis will be put on websites with quality, relevant and optimised content as opposed to websites that rank highly due to their age.

This will force more businesses to use Google+ and encourage their customers to +1 their business in order to increase their ranking. A +1 for a 10% discount could be a cheap way of significantly upping your ranking.


Get on Google+! We’re in the process of getting our page up and running so we’ll be banging out posts in the very near future.


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YouTube 3D – Its Here!

YouTube formally rolled out their 3D service last week and hundreds of thousands of videos have sprung up on the site.

I for one have always been skeptical of 3D, never fully enjoyed content in the format. I find it to be a gimmick and takes away from the movies experience.

Why have Google gone to great lengths to add this to the service? My initial thought is, Why not?

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Google offering this content will initially attract viewers in to see what the fuss is (I know your opening a new tab as you read). More viewers means more ad revenue.

Also the movie industry has pumped millions of dollars into 3D, so Google would hope their platform could potentially utilized for future content delivery.

YouTube is a prime location for movie trailers, teasers and extra content. Giving studios the option to offer this in 3D could be a huge selling point for YouTube 3D.

Television manufacturers will also be putting some eggs into the YouTube 3d baskets. Many smart tv’s are incorporating social media into their interface. There are apps for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

With many new smart tv’s being 3D capable, allowing the user to access more content that just paid for movies is a big draw.

We will have to give it time to see if it takes off but a lot of money is riding on its success. Check out the video below to see 3D in action.

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What are the Benefits of a Google AdWords Campaign?

What are the Benefits of a Google AdWords Campaign

What are the Benefits of a Google AdWords Campaign

Running a pay per click campaign with Google AdWords can be great for man… What’s that you say? What’s pay per click and Google AdWords you say?

Well, pay per click (PPC) is a type of campaign that can be run and it does exactly as the name suggests: you pay the publisher of the ad when the it’s clicked and only then.

Google AdWords is a service Google provides to market your product/service. It’s done through a text ad which appears when people search for keywords relating to your product/service. You choose the text and the keywords that are to be included in the ad.

But why would I use Google AdWords? What’s the point? What are the benefits?

Bhe following are the potential advantages of developing and implementing a Google AdWords campaign;

  • Speed and Flexibility
  • Exposure
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Split Testing
  • Set Budget
  • Google Analytics
  • Speed and Flexibility

Speed and Flexibility

A Google AdWords account can be set up in less than seven minutes and once an ad has been designed a daily/weekly/monthly budget can be set to ensure overspend doesn’t occur.


With Google AdWords you can achieve first page advertising in minutes. While this is not an organic ranking and will appear on the right hand side of the page as opposed to straight down the middle it can attract a lot of attention to a site.

This can generate a substantial amount of traffic to a website and avoids the months or even years it can take to achieve a high organic listing.

Targeted Marketing

This is an excellent method for creating awareness and driving a product/service into the eyes of its target market. Reaching potential customers when they are directly searching for what you’re offering offers an abundance of benefits to a business.

It can lead to higher sales, increased brand awareness and hit individuals when in “buy” mode.

Split Testing

With split testing a number of ads can be launched for the same product with different keywords and in different areas. It will become evident which is the most successful and the others can be removed and the budget focused on the successful ad.

This enables better marketing practice to take place and optimizes the marketing budget.

Google Analytics

This gives a business the ability to identify where traffic is coming from and allows better ad placement to take place. When used correctly Google Analytics can be the deciding factor in a successful campaign.

If the desired level of traffic is not being reached then keywords may need to be adjusted in order for the ad to receive a higher click through rate (CTR).

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Infographic of the Day – Social Vs Search

How we find things on the internet is morphing. Search habits are changing from using solely Google to Facebook & Twitter.

So how do marketing divvy up their time and budgets? Where do they put their eggs in Social or Search. Today’s Infographic crunches the numbers….

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