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The Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin Update

So, the Google Penguin Update has gone live but many are still unaware about what’s really happened. Well if you haven’t already read our post on the over optimisation penalty check it out now.

This new algorithmic update was introduced to target spammy websites i.e. those participating in black hat activities such as keyword stuffing. Speaking about the new update on their blog Google stated that the new update will;

“Decrease rankings for sites that we believe are violating Google’s quality guidelines. This algorithm represents another step in our efforts to reduce webspam and promote high quality content.”

Before the update went live Google’s Matt Cutts, the head of the web spam team, announced that the websites using  “aggressive web spam tactics” would be penalized. Google went on to say that the aim of this update is to;

“Help searchers find sites that provide a great user experience and fulfill their information needs.”

This is great news for everyone regularly and consistently putting out high quality, unique and optimised content. For more information check out Google’s blog post discussing the matter here.


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How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

The chances are you have a Google+ account. You probably don’t use it, but you have one. Like the rest of us when it launched on an invitation only basis you rushed to sign up and discover what wonders lurked inside what promises to be the “big dog” of social media.

Then you realised that your life was already packed to the brim with status updates, likes and tweeting abusive messages to celebrities.

When the brand pages launched thousands of businesses registered but, like the rest of us, didn’t foresee the enormous effect it would have on search rankings.

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO?

Just like “likes” and “re-tweets” Google+ has it’s own method of allowing you to show your fondness for something. Google Plus users can +1 things around the web that they like and this in effect acts as a recommendation.

Users can +1 websites, businesses, ads and Google search results and share them with their circles and contacts. When you’re viewing a website you can also see how many times it’s been +1’d by users you’re not connected to.

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

How Will Google Plus Affect SEO

When a Google+ user is signed in and they search for bars in their local area the results will be tailored to show bars that their contacts have +1’d/recommended. That means that a new bar with a year old website could appear high organically because of the number of +1s it’s received.

Google+ has already started to have a colossal effect on rankings and if we’re realistic it’s going to completely revolutionize the way in which websites rank. More emphasis will be put on websites with quality, relevant and optimised content as opposed to websites that rank highly due to their age.

This will force more businesses to use Google+ and encourage their customers to +1 their business in order to increase their ranking. A +1 for a 10% discount could be a cheap way of significantly upping your ranking.


Get on Google+! We’re in the process of getting our page up and running so we’ll be banging out posts in the very near future.


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Website Review/Case Study –

So it’s Easter, we’re off, chillin, watching videos on YouTube and one of those annoying ass video adverts comes on before the video I clicked. You know the ones “you can skip in 0.03 seconds”.

Yep we all hate them and we all skip them once the mandatory watching time is up. But today something happened. I watched a full ad and clicked onto their website……

The ad was from a company called who specialise in luxurious mens underwear. The domain name made me fairly reluctant to click to be perfectly honest. No need to ask why is there?

First of all check out the video which has amassed an impressive 70,234 views

Nice right? It’s different, catches your attention and keeps you watching. 10/10 for creativity but the most important aspect of the video is it’s resulting in conversions i.e. people are clicking through to the site.

Ok, so I enjoyed the video but had low expectations for the website. It’s a site selling boxers it cant be anything special… How wrong I was. is on to a winner from a consumers point of view and here’s how;

  • It’s aesthetically pleasing
  • It’s clean, crisp and to the point
  • It looks professional but more importantly trustworthy for online payment

OK, so its great from a consumers perspective but what about from a digital marketing perspective? Well…..

  • It’s usability is fantastic! You can get where you want within 2-3 clicks
  • The use of YouTube to gain exposure worked excellently
  • Social media hasn’t been used as of yet – well we can find a Facebook or Twitter account
  • The keywords used are highly competitive – social media could be a great way of overcoming this
  • The main selling point of the underwear is the fabric yet it hasn’t been mentioned in the title tag
  • Ranks well organically on Google for both “mens boxers” and “mens underwear”
  • Using Google AdWords nicely with targeted keywords
Google Adwords -

Google Adwords - has massive potential and I can really see them penetrating a highly competitive industry successfully if they invest time into social media. Overall thoughts – Great site, nice use of YouTube marketing with a potentially viral video and a product with a unique selling point. Check it out!

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Reader Enquiry – How Long Does SEO Take?

Things have really progressed over the past week in terms of traffic to the blog and engagement. We’ve received our fifth email looking for advice and plan to get to them all in good time. The below is something we felt we needed to address ASAP as it’s a common problem had by many businesses who have outsourced their digital marketing.

How Does SEO Work

How Does SEO Work

First off thanks for the email and for interacting with the blog and Facebook page. Your problem is something we hear of all too often. We’ll break the email down just to add some clarity.

I’ve outsourced my company’s digital marketing and SEO to a company based in Dublin who are doing it for 199 a month.

Here’s your first problem, 199 a month. Search engine optimisation is usually charged at a minimum of 500 euro per month and that’s just for the basics. I’d love to know what’s actually being done each month for that 199. I can’t imagine it being much. I’d recommend you check with the company you’ve outsourced to and get details on exactly what their doing for you.

I’m sure you’d rather invest 500-700 per month than throw 199 out the window. So many businesses don’t understand what SEO is, they know they need it but have no idea about what’s involved. Unfortunately this means that people are taken advantage of and it gives real digital marketing companies a bad name.

For the vast majority of onlie marketing companies the first step of optimising a site is through in-depth keyword research. This can take some time depending on the industry. Ask the company you’ve outsourced to for a schedule of what their doing. If their on the ball they’ll already have one done out for their own benefit.

How long will it take before I start to notice changes on Google?

Increasing your organic ranking on a search engine isn’t a short term goal and anyone who tells you it is telling porkies. It’s a long term goal for even the biggest of companies and needs constant work in order to achieve. There’s so many factors involved in SEO and we’ll cover them in a checklist over the week to help you ensure you’re getting value for your money.

If it turns out your being ripped off spend some time researching digital marketing companies in Dublin as there’s plenty there who provide a great and effective service.

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What are Back Links and Why do I Need Them?

This morning we got the below email and decided that it may be beneficial to reply to it as a blog post as it may be beneficial to our other readers. Check out the email and our response;

What are Back Links

What are Back Links


First off thanks for the email and for interacting with our blog. Back links are essential for many different reasons. From a SEO point of view a website with a lot of back links coming into its site is seen as one with authority by search engines.

Having authority is an excellent way of increasing your organic ranking and also your page rank. Another benefit of back links is site exposure and traffic. The more people linking to your site the more your website is “out there” and in the eyes of your target market.

Think of a painter leaving leaflets in hundreds of doors across north London. He’s getting his name out there and more people are likely to give him a call. It’s the same principle.

But what are back links?

A backlink is a link that sends individuals from a website back to your site and can be internal or external. Internal backlinks can come from other websites owned by you e.g. a blog. External backlinks are links that come to your site from another non connected site.

Why do I need back links?

The reason for building strong backlinks is to appear more trustworthy and authoritative to search engines in order for them to rank the website higher. It is important to note that not all backlinks are constructive if they are not coming from relevant sites and sites with a high authority. Receiving a backlink from a site with high authority is crucial as it passes on some authority with the link.

How can I get back links?

Become part of an online community relevant to the industry you’re in and offer informative advice. The aim of becoming part of the community is to leave constructive comments on blogs and become part of the discussion. By offering advice or just by commenting on a post people will begin to see the website name and become more familiar with it.

After posting relevant comments people will begin to click through to the website itself and generate traffic but also the link from popular blogs will pass on some authority.

Another way of building authority can be through having your website listed in relevant directories. These sites receive a massive amount of traffic and are deemed trustworthy in the eyes of search engines. This can be a great way of getting a back link from a site with high authority.

A blog is another effective way to gain both traffic and backlinks to your site and can drive site authority depending on how active your blog is. Creating a blog that is active and updated regularly with great content that people link to and comment on is an efficient way of building your own backlinks.

Another great way of getting back links is through social media. Getting your customers to share your content can be a great form of redirecting people to your site. It goes without saying that if you’re not using social media to promote your business your limiting the amount of traffic you receive big time.


I know that was quite long winded but hopefully it answered all your questions. Any more queries just let us know,


Best Regards,


The Unorthodoxx Digital Team

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The Nokia Digital Media Awards

Digital Media Awards

Digital Media Awards

With only a day until the Nokia Digital Media Awards take place we want to take a moment out to wish the current nominees the best of luck… and most importantly to enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

This time next year at Unorthodoxx Digital we’ll clearing everything off our shelves and making room for all the shiny awards we’ll be scooping up at the 2013 event.  We’re already looking forward to the celebratory pints and the glitzy after show.

For those unaware “the Nokia Digital Media Awards celebrate and showcase excellence within the digital media sector in Ireland. Created in 2003 and now in their 10th year, the Awards offer a platform for the dynamic work taking place across the broad spectrum of digital media.”

For more info check out and to everyone going have a great night.

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How to use Memes to Build Backlinks

How to use Memes to Build Backlinks

How to use Memes to Build Backlinks

If you use Facebook on a regular basis you’ll have noticed a sudden surge of Memes in recent months but what is a Meme? A Meme is a concept that spreads across the internet such as a story, video, quote or for the purpose of this article image.

The term Meme has become associated with funny images on the internet and was first made popular by LOLCats. But how why would you use Memes to create back links for SEO? Well check out the following;

Memes go Viral. Fast!

The vast majority of people use the net for amusement and entertainment which is why sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are so popular. Memes are an ideal form of entertainment when done correctly and can be created in a couple of minutes once there’s an idea there.

Memes are, 9 times out of 10, funny and what do people do with funny images? They share them with friends, colleagues and family. While you can’t effectively get a backlink from a Meme on Facebook there are a number of sites where you can.

Use Tumblr, Reddit and Instagram to build strong back links to your site. Make sure you think about the Meme joke and see which Memes are trending currently. Although you can get back links through Memes with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest you should use all forms of social media to share them and get brand exposure. Use blogs and YouTube to display your Memes and generate potentially high traffic to your site.

Memes are easy to make and have a massive amount of viral potential. Use them to your advantage and test placing them on different social media platforms to see which receives the best reaction for the topic you’re “Memeing”.

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