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Coke’s Project Re-Brief – Mobile Marketing at it’s best

Coca- Cola have re-imagined their classic ‘I’d like to buy the World a Coke’ campaign for the digital age.

Check out the case video below to see how they go about it. We think it perfectly ties in many aspect of digital platforms to create a powerful marketing campaign.

It’s Awesome


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Augmented Reality – Merging Tech with Real Life

Augmented Reality is gonna be big, REAL big. So here’s an brief introduction into what it is and what is its potential.

A.R is a live view of computer generated content merged into the real world. This content is generally accessed through QR Codes using smartphones or tablets.

The potential of Augmented Reality is massive and marketing agencies are scrambling their creatives to come up with the next big AR campaign.

So Who’s creating?¬†

One of the more creative ideas has come from Lego. They created in-store POS kiosks that, when scanned with a QR code of a lego box, displayed exactly how the toy will look when made. The genius of this, for the retailer especially is that customers no longer needed to open the pack of Lego for ‘a quick look’ (as the Irish put it) before deciding to purchase. Check out the video below to see how it works….

AutoGlass, those windscreen people, have been developing their version, by no means the only version, of an A.R windscreen. This windscreen will incorporate a GPS system, fuel information, speedometer and other nifty gadgets and will disply them right on the windscreen. The driver’s experience completely changes as all¬†necessary¬†information will appear in their eyeline, which hopefully in turn can reduce road accidents. Below is their idea for an A.R Windscreen

Tesco, one of the UK’s biggest brands, have also dipped their toes into the A.R space. For one of their regular ‘price drop’ campaigns, they integrated an A.R strategy. By scanning QR codes, users gained access to ‘exclusive content’ which I can only assume was 50p off your bread or milk. The beauty of their campaign is it married neatly in with their traditional strategies such as print and billboards/bus shelters. Check out the video below to see how it worked and keep an eye out at the bus shelter for some A.R bargains.

My personal favourite is this Angry Birds themed video for Nokia Lumia (well its not like they’re selling phones). This strategy engages the average joe in the street and builds some quick and easy brand recognition for Nokia. Its just a pity they didn’t have augmented reality for the 6510.



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