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Infographic of the Day – Do Employers like Social Media?

Does your employer allow / encourage / frown upon, social media use in your work place. I suppose the question is relevancy, will it effect your job performance or the companies profile?

With many employers hiring through LinkedIn, should employers encourage responsible use of social media in the work place?

Todays infographic, from the guys over at Pay Scale, looks at employers attitudes to Social Media.



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Infographic of the Day – Facebook Recruiting and How to be Awesome

Todays infographic comes from the guys at TurkishJobs .

It shows some pretty big Facebook numbers for demo-graphs and brand pages. A little light reading for a Saturday morning.


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Facebook Privacy eases up….slightly.

Many people are ignorant to Facebook’s data collection, Many are extremely skeptical to the point of staying away from the Internet giant. But Facebook are loosening their grip on your data, well slightly.

Following some intense pressure in recent years, Facebook have allowed users to download some of the data they have on you since 2010. Yesterday, It was announced that users will soon be able to download information on past friends, IP addresses that have accessed their accounts and previous friend requests.

This may seem insignificant to some but It shows Facebook reacting to pressure from outside Menlo Park.

Grabbing your data will remain the same: Account Settings > Download Your Data > Start My Archive

Unorthodoxx Digital, Facebook, Privacy Setting

It’s always nice to know what sort of data is out there about you and I for one welcome more transparency across social media. It’s a safe bet that Facebook still claim full ownership of your content. There can’t be too many complaints if you see your face splashed over billboards in the States. Clicking that little Agree button waives your arguments.

Wholesome Unorthodoxx Digital Advice – ALWAYS set your data setting to private. Only allow those you know access your profiles because you never know who is watching.

Happy Saturday 🙂

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Instagram – How did they become so valuable?

In 17 months, Instagram came from a thought to a billion dollars. How Did they do it?

Well this Infographic from the guys at Visual.ly designed this rather symbolic infographic that charts the rapid success of the photo sharing app.


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Facebook Buy Instragram – What does this mean?

So Mark Zuckerberg is opening up his chequebook to the tune of $1Bn to acquire Instagram.  This is a pretty big investment for anyone, even if your company is valued at $94Bn.

Facebook is simply the world’s largest photography collection on the planet. It trumps Flickr by a million miles. So why does it want Instagram? There’s probably a few reasons behind it. Firstly, They don’t want anyone else to have it so they have snapped it up. Secondly, Instagram has many users who engage very little on Facebook, Buying the company and integrating Facebook deeper into the app will hopefully drive more content onto Facebook servers. Remember, Content is God in 2012.

Below is an idea of the vast number Photos that are on Facebook

Facebook buys Instagram,

Twitter of course reacted quickly to the news after it was announced. There has been much talk of abandonment of the service, which puzzles me, as Zuck has said their Instagram experience can continue with connecting to Facebook. This has not put off some skeptics, one which has likened Facebook to a property developer scooping up land for ‘McMansions.

Facebook Aquires InstagramFacebook ruins Instagram

Let us know your thoughts on Facebook’s latest acquisition. Will you be closing your Instagram account?

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