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Cadburys get a big Thumbs Up!

To celebrate their 1 millionth ‘like’ on Facebook, Cadburys Chocolate decided to show their gratitude to their fans.

So thinking outside the box, They (or their creative agency) came up with a pretty clever idea. They built a huge chocolate thumbs up, of course. The genius of the idea was the 48 hour live feed of the construction through Facebook. They encouraged fans to engage, they reacted live to requests and even brought in a ‘super fan’ to place the final piece of the thumb.

The result was a social media dream:

  • 35% of their fans actively engaged
  • 40,000 new likes in the 48 hour period
  • Total reach of 82 Million

Not only are the figures impressive, but they strengthened brand awareness and created a feel good factor around the brand. Check out the video of the construction. It’s awesome.


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Revolutionizing the Keyboard! April Fools at Google!

With the rapid growth in tech, April Fools is a key day of the likes of Google to have some fun.

In the past We have fallen foul for some hilariously nutty product announcements from Google.  There has been Google Cow (examine a cow in 3D), Google Chrome in 3D and Google Translate for Animals. The internet seems to fall for these year after year.

This year, Google are re-inventing the keyboard. No more QWERTY for us. Such a silly system anyway. We are going old skool, we’re going Morse code. Gmail Tap is akin to reinventing the wheel. Check out the video below for the full feature preview and get ready to queue for next-gen android devices.


For the nerd inside us all, 8-Bit Google Maps for NES is a winner. It comes complete with obligatory cartridge blowing. Check out the demo below.

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