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Infographic of the Day – Do Employers like Social Media?

Does your employer allow / encourage / frown upon, social media use in your work place. I suppose the question is relevancy, will it effect your job performance or the companies profile?

With many employers hiring through LinkedIn, should employers encourage responsible use of social media in the work place?

Todays infographic, from the guys over at Pay Scale, looks at employers attitudes to Social Media.



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Stay Trendy with Color Forecast

So you think your fashionable do you? Your up to date on your trends right? Think Again!

We came across Color Forecast this week, an interesting idea if I may say.

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How Does It Work?

Color Forecast will tell you, to the second, what colour is fashionable.

This has been done by sticking some pretty high tech cameras in some of Europes fashion hotspots. Milan, Paris and eh… Antwerp? These cameras scour the streets, picking up moving objects and analyzing their colour information. There is plenty of technical stuff running in the background, but the site has a simple and pretty interface that displays real time video from the cities.

There is plenty of room for growth for this platform. Fashion labels will no doubt be clamoring for some tie-in functions. And of course, If your trendy you will want to tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter so Social Media can tie nicely in here too.

So in the not so far future, your phone or tablet will be telling you what to wear in the morning. Freaky.

Check the video below for a low-down on Color Forecast.

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Draw Something – Save Something – Say Something – Share Something

So we all love Draw Something, right? That awesome picture drawing game from OMGPOP (sold to Zynga for $180m last month)

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen screen grabs of D.S on my Facebook feed. Well there will be no need for screen grabs anymore.

MORE: 35 Of The Craziest Draw Something Pictures

Draw Something are releasing an update that will include some much yearned for features including

  • Save your drawing to your image roll
  • Instant share to your Facebook Timeline / Twitter Feed
  • User comments on your drawing

This will make the whole experience a lot more social and will open up the your game to the world. I for one can’t wait as I’ve seen some pretty inexcusable efforts.

What type of Artist are you? Check out our chart below and let us know….

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Infographic of the Day – Pin It To Win It

Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm in the last few weeks. Todays Infographic is ‘A Marketer’s Guide’

Check it out!

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Social Media Easter Eggs with a twist….

We all know what Social Media / Tech Easter Eggs are right? Little surprises that can be found by chance on a website. Google are brilliant are them, Facebook in Pirate is an Easter Egg.

Well we stumbled upon this video from some German Students who have created social media easter eggs with a difference. Check out the video below to see their egg-cellent work.

I, for one, was devastated that I didn’t get a Twitter Egg this morning.

Happy Easter from Unorthodoxx Digital.

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The Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2012

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The Guys over at Social Media Examiner have released their in-depth industry report on Social Media Marketing for 2012.

This annual report surveyed 3,800 marketing professionals who outline where their social media efforts lie and where they aim to target in the coming year. This document is a must read for anyone with half an interest in Social Media Marketing. The report gives some idea of what agencies and brands are considering for Social Media activities in the near future.


The report can be found…..

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Take some time to read through the report. As always, We would love to get some feedback so feel free to Tweet, Poke, Mail or just shout at us.



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Get Glue: Checkin’ In To Your Entertainment

This is the logo for GetGlue

Get Glue? Ever heard of it? No?

Get Glue is a Social Network for Entertainment. It encourages you to ‘Check-In’ to your movies, tv shows, music and books.

How does it work then? Like a lot of these networks, GetGlue allows you to connect with Facebook or Twitter, you can fill out the standard profile stuff and then ‘Like’ a bunch of movies and tv shows. From there you check in to whatever your watching, listening to or reading. You are rewarded with ‘stickers’, thats right, stickers for your Twitter or Facebook profile, or even your Premier League Panini album perhaps?

What do they get?

There’s always a catch isn’t there? Well every movie you ‘like’ or every show you ‘check-in’ to build a tidy little picture of you. You are putting on a plate everything marketeers want to know.

  • What your watching (obviously)
  • What time do you watch?
  • How often do you watch?
  • Do you share your ‘check-in’

What happens next? Well that tidy little picture of you will be transformed into delicately targeted advertising. Mad Men T-shirts $5? Sex and the City style shoes $10! Incredibly unique ads will begin appearing on your Facebook and Google Results page.

Is this bad?

I’ve been using GetGlue for a few months now and while I was interested initially I have waned considerably. While I am a huge believer in Social Media, and share a lot of data, I don’t get any value from sharing with strangers what I’m watching. I can’t say I’m mad to collect virtual stickers and won’t be putting my ‘Desperate Housewives #1 Fan’ sticker on my profiles. Social Media Marketing, as this essentially is, needs to add value. It needs to encourage you to share you that data. I don’t mind doing so, If I am getting a worthwhile experience from it, sadly GetGlue doesn’t give me that value.

Is there alternatives?

There is no doubt that Social Tv is going to be a staple of next-generation entertainment, with Smart TV’s incorporating Twitter,  Facebook and YouTube. An alternative to GetGlue is a service called Zeebox. These guys have nailed the idea of Social Tv. I’m a believer in this service as it provides everything a viewer wants. Tweets, Viewing Figures and News. As they call it, your ‘tv sidekick’.

What should you do?

Firstly, don’t take my word on it. Try these networks out. There are an intriguing proposition to those looking for SMM’s next big thing. Technology and Media are closely knit and digital marketing will be morphing from PC’s, Tablets and Phones to that giant panel on your wall. Be prepared, its coming.


Thanks to a comment, We have been informed that by collecting virtual stickers, you can be rewarded with real physical stickers that are posted free of charge. Thanks Darren for helping us out.


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