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Coke’s Project Re-Brief – Mobile Marketing at it’s best

Coca- Cola have re-imagined their classic ‘I’d like to buy the World a Coke’ campaign for the digital age.

Check out the case video below to see how they go about it. We think it perfectly ties in many aspect of digital platforms to create a powerful marketing campaign.

It’s Awesome


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Infographic of the Day – Living in a Mobile World

Smart Phones are a must this days, every one from a pensioner to a toddler can use them. The market for smart phones and mobile devices is breath taking.

Todays Infographic, designed by odmgrp.com, chart the size of the world wide mobile market.


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Cadburys get a big Thumbs Up!

To celebrate their 1 millionth ‘like’ on Facebook, Cadburys Chocolate decided to show their gratitude to their fans.

So thinking outside the box, They (or their creative agency) came up with a pretty clever idea. They built a huge chocolate thumbs up, of course. The genius of the idea was the 48 hour live feed of the construction through Facebook. They encouraged fans to engage, they reacted live to requests and even brought in a ‘super fan’ to place the final piece of the thumb.

The result was a social media dream:

  • 35% of their fans actively engaged
  • 40,000 new likes in the 48 hour period
  • Total reach of 82 Million

Not only are the figures impressive, but they strengthened brand awareness and created a feel good factor around the brand. Check out the video of the construction. It’s awesome.

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Infographic of the Day – Reclaim Your Weekends

It’s a beautiful spring afternoon in Dublin today. Your working? But its Saturday!

Today’s Infographic teaches us ways to Reclaim our Weekends! Working is for the week days!

Happy, Relaxing, Saturday!

Reclaiming Your Weekends

Reclaiming Your Weekends

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Magnum Pleasure Hunt – Augmented Reality Ice-Cream??

HB, or their Dutch equivalent, launched a pretty clever Augmented Reality campaign this week.

Called the Magnum Pleasure Hunt, Users downloaded the A.R app and in a race against time, and competitors,  hunted for A.R chocolate bonbons. Incorporating live geo maps, users could find bon-bons, but also see their competitors positions.

This was a great campaign for engaging their customers and avid A.R fans. Timing it at the beginning of Spring will surely help to re-market customer coming into the hotter months. And no doubt, many of the participants chilled out with a Magnum afterwards.

Check out the video below to get an idea of how the campaign worked.


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IKEA – The Biggest Catalogue…Now in a Banner Ad.

We are bombarded with those irritating banner ads that are mostly ignored.

Take our advice, The next time you see a banner ad from Ikea, take a minute to scroll over it.

IKEA has incorporated their whole catalogue into a tiny 10.5 x 8.8cm Banner Ad. The Banner Ad allows the user to browse, search by category and even purchase. This is great digital innovation and something to be applauded.

Check out how it works in this video below.

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Infographic of the Day – Understanding Viral Content Marketing

We all love when good content goes viral. But virality is never guaranteed. Todays Infographic is a guide to Viral Content Marketing.

Have a look and give us your thoughts and views on it. Share with us your favourite viral content too. We love it here!

Infographic for Viral Content Marketing

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