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Infographic of the Day – Do Employers like Social Media?

Does your employer allow / encourage / frown upon, social media use in your work place. I suppose the question is relevancy, will it effect your job performance or the companies profile?

With many employers hiring through LinkedIn, should employers encourage responsible use of social media in the work place?

Todays infographic, from the guys over at Pay Scale, looks at employers attitudes to Social Media.



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Cadburys get a big Thumbs Up!

To celebrate their 1 millionth ‘like’ on Facebook, Cadburys Chocolate decided to show their gratitude to their fans.

So thinking outside the box, They (or their creative agency) came up with a pretty clever idea. They built a huge chocolate thumbs up, of course. The genius of the idea was the 48 hour live feed of the construction through Facebook. They encouraged fans to engage, they reacted live to requests and even brought in a ‘super fan’ to place the final piece of the thumb.

The result was a social media dream:

  • 35% of their fans actively engaged
  • 40,000 new likes in the 48 hour period
  • Total reach of 82 Million

Not only are the figures impressive, but they strengthened brand awareness and created a feel good factor around the brand. Check out the video of the construction. It’s awesome.

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Infographic of the Day – Facebook Recruiting and How to be Awesome

Todays infographic comes from the guys at TurkishJobs .

It shows some pretty big Facebook numbers for demo-graphs and brand pages. A little light reading for a Saturday morning.


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Turn Your Facebook Timeline Into A Pinterest Board

Pinview Facebook App

Pinview Facebook App

OK, so the Facebook timeline gets a bad rep from a lot users but the majority of us have adapted. It works great, especially for brand pages.

But for those of you who still have issues, firstly, get with the times and secondly, check out the new Facebook app PinView.

Think of what would happen if Facebook and Pinterest had a kid? 

The Pinview Facebook App allows users to manage their Facebook timeline like a Pinterest board. Sounds good right?

It displays items from your news feed, friend list and timeline on small panels similar to what Pinterest does when you “pin” something.

The new app has a lot of potential with developers looking to add an option that displays your favourite posts and comments.

What do you think of the new Pinview Facebook App? Would you use it?

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How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

This post is going to do exactly as it says on the tin: Show you how to set up a Facebook business page. It’s fairly easy once you know how and it’s a great way of promoting your business and interacting with your customers.

We’ve had an email from a business owner asking how to set up a Facebook page for her company. She has a personal profile which she uses for interacting with friends but wants to promote her business through social media.

Well here’s how it can be done;

Step 1

Go to and click the link where the blue arrow is pointing below

How Can I Use Facebook for Business

How Can I Use Facebook for Business


Step 2

After clicking the link you arrive on the page below. Look through the options and choose which ever one is most applicable to you

Why Use Facebook For Business

Why Use Facebook For Business


Step 3

Lets take, for example, you choose “local business or place”. The following drop box appears. Fill in your information and proceed

Set Up A Facebook Business Page

Set Up A Facebook Business Page


Step 4

If you have a Facebook account click where the blue arrow is pointing below and fill out the required information

How Do I Set Up A Facebook Page

How Do I Set Up A Facebook Page


Step 5

Once you sign into your personal profile then that’s it. Finito. The following screen appears

Facebook For Business

Facebook For Business


The next step is to upload a profile picture such as a company logo and fill out the relevant info about your company such as opening hours etc.

And there you have it. 5 simple steps on how to set up a Facebook business page.

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Caine’s Arcade

viral video, caines arcade, social bookmarking, flashmobs, unorthodoxx digital

Caine is a 9 old year boy from LA who built an arcade in his dad’s auto parts shop, his first customer happened to be a film maker who wanted to share his story.

I could write that this story shows the power of Facebook, Social Bookmarking and Flashmobs  but its simply a touching story and film. This film will restore any lost faith in humanity.

So enjoy 🙂

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Facebook Privacy eases up….slightly.

Many people are ignorant to Facebook’s data collection, Many are extremely skeptical to the point of staying away from the Internet giant. But Facebook are loosening their grip on your data, well slightly.

Following some intense pressure in recent years, Facebook have allowed users to download some of the data they have on you since 2010. Yesterday, It was announced that users will soon be able to download information on past friends, IP addresses that have accessed their accounts and previous friend requests.

This may seem insignificant to some but It shows Facebook reacting to pressure from outside Menlo Park.

Grabbing your data will remain the same: Account Settings > Download Your Data > Start My Archive

Unorthodoxx Digital, Facebook, Privacy Setting

It’s always nice to know what sort of data is out there about you and I for one welcome more transparency across social media. It’s a safe bet that Facebook still claim full ownership of your content. There can’t be too many complaints if you see your face splashed over billboards in the States. Clicking that little Agree button waives your arguments.

Wholesome Unorthodoxx Digital Advice – ALWAYS set your data setting to private. Only allow those you know access your profiles because you never know who is watching.

Happy Saturday 🙂

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