Coke’s Project Re-Brief – Mobile Marketing at it’s best

Coca- Cola have re-imagined their classic ‘I’d like to buy the World a Coke’ campaign for the digital age.

Check out the case video below to see how they go about it. We think it perfectly ties in many aspect of digital platforms to create a powerful marketing campaign.

It’s Awesome


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Infographic of the Day – Do Employers like Social Media?

Does your employer allow / encourage / frown upon, social media use in your work place. I suppose the question is relevancy, will it effect your job performance or the companies profile?

With many employers hiring through LinkedIn, should employers encourage responsible use of social media in the work place?

Todays infographic, from the guys over at Pay Scale, looks at employers attitudes to Social Media.


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Infographic Of The Day – LinkedIn

Today’s infographic of the day is all about the do’s and don’t’s of social media for business. Some are fairly self explanatory yet we see businesses every day of the week making mistake after mistake when it comes to managing their social presence.

Think about social media as a platform through which your customers can reach you and voice their opinions. Some of these opinions may be constructive and beneficial and some may not but regardless of their nature and intent they should be responded to in a professional and timely manner.

Invest in social media and reap the benefits. Enjoy the long weekend folks


The Dos and Donts of Social Media

The Dos and Donts of Social Media

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Infographic of the Day – Living in a Mobile World

Smart Phones are a must this days, every one from a pensioner to a toddler can use them. The market for smart phones and mobile devices is breath taking.

Todays Infographic, designed by, chart the size of the world wide mobile market.


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The Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin Update

So, the Google Penguin Update has gone live but many are still unaware about what’s really happened. Well if you haven’t already read our post on the over optimisation penalty check it out now.

This new algorithmic update was introduced to target spammy websites i.e. those participating in black hat activities such as keyword stuffing. Speaking about the new update on their blog Google stated that the new update will;

“Decrease rankings for sites that we believe are violating Google’s quality guidelines. This algorithm represents another step in our efforts to reduce webspam and promote high quality content.”

Before the update went live Google’s Matt Cutts, the head of the web spam team, announced that the websites using  “aggressive web spam tactics” would be penalized. Google went on to say that the aim of this update is to;

“Help searchers find sites that provide a great user experience and fulfill their information needs.”

This is great news for everyone regularly and consistently putting out high quality, unique and optimised content. For more information check out Google’s blog post discussing the matter here.

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Infographic Of The Day – How Big Is Apple

Ever wonder how big the Apple brand really is?

To put it in perspective there were a staggering 72 million Iphones sold in 2011.. Crazy right. Not suprised? Well how does 11 Ipads sold EVERY second sound?

Check out some of the stats below

Apple Infographic

Apple Infographic

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Cadburys get a big Thumbs Up!

To celebrate their 1 millionth ‘like’ on Facebook, Cadburys Chocolate decided to show their gratitude to their fans.

So thinking outside the box, They (or their creative agency) came up with a pretty clever idea. They built a huge chocolate thumbs up, of course. The genius of the idea was the 48 hour live feed of the construction through Facebook. They encouraged fans to engage, they reacted live to requests and even brought in a ‘super fan’ to place the final piece of the thumb.

The result was a social media dream:

  • 35% of their fans actively engaged
  • 40,000 new likes in the 48 hour period
  • Total reach of 82 Million

Not only are the figures impressive, but they strengthened brand awareness and created a feel good factor around the brand. Check out the video of the construction. It’s awesome.

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