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Infographic of the Day – Do Employers like Social Media?

Does your employer allow / encourage / frown upon, social media use in your work place. I suppose the question is relevancy, will it effect your job performance or the companies profile?

With many employers hiring through LinkedIn, should employers encourage responsible use of social media in the work place?

Todays infographic, from the guys over at Pay Scale, looks at employers attitudes to Social Media.



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Infographic of the Day – Understanding Viral Content Marketing

We all love when good content goes viral. But virality is never guaranteed. Todays Infographic is a guide to Viral Content Marketing.

Have a look and give us your thoughts and views on it. Share with us your favourite viral content too. We love it here!

Infographic for Viral Content Marketing

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Infographic of the Day – Facebook Recruiting and How to be Awesome

Todays infographic comes from the guys at TurkishJobs .

It shows some pretty big Facebook numbers for demo-graphs and brand pages. A little light reading for a Saturday morning.


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A Meme A Day……Saturday

Is this something that we all love to happen?

Happy Saturday from Unorthodoxx Digital

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Draw Something – Save Something – Say Something – Share Something

So we all love Draw Something, right? That awesome picture drawing game from OMGPOP (sold to Zynga for $180m last month)

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen screen grabs of D.S on my Facebook feed. Well there will be no need for screen grabs anymore.

MORE: 35 Of The Craziest Draw Something Pictures

Draw Something are releasing an update that will include some much yearned for features including

  • Save your drawing to your image roll
  • Instant share to your Facebook Timeline / Twitter Feed
  • User comments on your drawing

This will make the whole experience a lot more social and will open up the your game to the world. I for one can’t wait as I’ve seen some pretty inexcusable efforts.

What type of Artist are you? Check out our chart below and let us know….

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The Facebook “Listen” Button

Facebook Listen Button

Facebook Listen Button

On Tuesday Facebook added a nifty new feature to the pages of artisits, bands and musicians. Its called the “Listen” button and appears beside the “Like” button.

What Does The Facebook “Listen” Button Do?

Well, it lets you listen to music. Sound familiar? Remember MySpace? The one thing MySpace still had going for it was its music niche with many bands and artists still using it to showcase their music.

I think we can be fairly certain their user base will see a steady decrease over the coming weeks.

To use the “Listen” button you need to have a music streaming app such as Spotify installed but this can be downloaded in a couple of minutes.


We moseyed on over to Eminem’s page to give it a shot. We love it. There’s still a lot of room for improvement but surely this will increase the average time spent browsing  the social network giant.

Let us know what you think of the new Facebook listen button in the comments section below. Does it tickle your fancy?





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Infographic of the Day – Twitter Best Practice

So your starting out on your Social Media journey for your brand.

For a large chunk of Brands, Twitter will become an engine for driving engagement, monitoring social sentiment around your brand and engaging in social conversations.

So todays Infographic shares some ‘Best Practice’ tips for using Twitter. Take these tips on board and you can’t go too wrong with your Twitter strategy.


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